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  • Accepted Friday July 20th, 2018 Timothy

    Today I got my acceptance letter from Rhema Bible Training College. I felt the presence of God as I held the letter. It was a sovereign moment. I felt God speak to me shortly after about how I was not controlled by money anymore. There was a revelation of how Satan tries to keep many people away from their callings by controlling them with money.

    In this walk, it has been about being led by God’s voice, and being obedient even if I didn’t, and still am not quite sure exactly how all of the needs will be met! But I have an incredible amount of peace about it. God is giving me the grace I need to trust Him one day at a time. I rely on His strength, and keep focused on His Word.

    It is very important to quote the scripture, and take the thoughts captive to the obedience of Christ. I have guarded what I say, guarded what I listen to and agree with, and have spoken in tongues a lot. I am staying very connected by attending a lot of church meetings, and seeking the Lord each day. God is so good. I have such peace. Spending time in the presence of God is the best thing and focus of my life.

    He has brought the right people at the right time to share testimonies, and to encourage me on my journey. I moved out here not knowing if I was accepted into the school or not, but ... Read More >>


The Jewish Messiah

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I have had a thought, what if every act that Jesus did was in the Tanakh (What the Bible calls “The Old Testament”)? My goal with this project is to explore this idea with hopes that it will encourage Jewish people and others to see that Jesus Christ is the prophesied Messiah.

The goal is to show how things in the Old Testament pointed the way to Jesus’s life. I believe that as God the Father spoke to Jesus, He took scripture verses from the Tanakh, and then revealed things to Jesus about what would take place in His life. This means that even if the scripture isn’t a blatant prophecy, it could still have been used in communication God the Father with Jesus.

I hope that many find this an interesting study!

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