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  • The surprise letter Friday August 03rd, 2018 Timothy

    I was debating on whether or not to share this, but I feel that I should. God is so good! In my first blog post in this journey, I talked about having an encounter with God, where I believe I heard that I was going to get 10,000 dollars. You can see the original post by clicking here.

    This week, I have been blessed by a few friends helping me with contributions to help me move forward with what I believe God is calling me to do. I am very thankful and appreciative for that. I made it through a storm of a rough Monday, and God blessed me with an awesome Tuesday! You can read more about the storm here.

    This week, I believe Wednesday, I came home from healing school, and decided to check my mail. When I opened it up, I found that I had one letter from my 401k plan. I had previously looked into information about 401k, and it had looked like I wouldn’t be able to get the money out without a qualifying event.

    When I got the letter, it said that one of the options was to cash out the account. I was surprised, so I called the company. I began talking, and found out it was true. Because I was no longer an employee, this was considered a qualifying event. You might guess, but the amount was a bit above 10,000 dollars.

    I praised God! I am not sure if ... Read More >>


The Jewish Messiah

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I have had a thought, what if every act that Jesus did was in the Tanakh (What the Bible calls “The Old Testament”)? My goal with this project is to explore this idea with hopes that it will encourage Jewish people and others to see that Jesus Christ is the prophesied Messiah.

The goal is to show how things in the Old Testament pointed the way to Jesus’s life. I believe that as God the Father spoke to Jesus, He took scripture verses from the Tanakh, and then revealed things to Jesus about what would take place in His life. This means that even if the scripture isn’t a blatant prophecy, it could still have been used in communication God the Father with Jesus.

I hope that many find this an interesting study!

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Social Media?

Facebook, Twitter, any social media for Timothy?

At this time, I feel that God has shown me that social media was playing a more negative role in my life than good.

Because of this, at this time, I do not have a facebook or twitter page, so if you see one that is pretending to be me, please notify the respective companies (facebook, twitter, etc…).

Current Video Series

  • Love – Dealing with Rejection – Part 2 – Perfectionism Thursday July 26th, 2018 Timothy

    Perfectionism can be a huge building block of rejection. In this lesson I discuss how to recognize it, and it can be overcome with God’s help. The more that people can accept and love themselves even in the midst of their imperfections, the more they can love others in the midst of the imperfections others have.

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  • Love – Dealing with Rejection – Part 1 Tuesday July 24th, 2018 Timothy

    In this message, I begin talking about things I have learned in the process of being healed of rejection. Love is the deepest human need, and I discuss the topic of giving love, and also breaking through the wall of rejection.

    The wall of rejection pushes healthy people away, and attracts the wrong people. I explain what is happening, and how to overcome this, so that you can begin a journey to freedom from the hindrance to love called rejection.

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